Celestial Bodies is now Available for Purchase!

Hello, Earthlings,

The second edition of my best-selling poetry collection, “Celestial Bodies” is now available on Amazon! This is sensual, romantic, fantasy poetry. Nothing like the gift of romance to make a lady happy (hint-hint, Fellas).

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The poetry of Keith Sikora combines the basic elements of fantasy with intimacy to evoke emotions, images, and sensations of romantic illusion. His ingredients are earth, air, fire, water, and a generous portion of je ne sais quoi, and the result is left up to the reader, who is advised not to read this work alone.

Available at Amazon Kindle:http://www.amazon.com/Celestial-Bodies-Keith-W-Sikora-ebook/dp/B01CQB41WS

Paperback Version:  http://www.amazon.com/Celestial-Bodies-Keith-W-Sikora/dp/1530462614


Saturday Poems and Their Stories–Edge of Loneliness, Albatross, Leaving and Open Road

Hi y’all! Tonight’s Saturday Poems selection features my new poem Edge of Loneliness and three blasts from the pasts with a similar theme, from my early days as a young Jedi Poet. So grab yourself a drink, kick back and enjoy the poetic magic. And now, without fanfare may I present to you this Saturday’s Poems. First up- Edge of Loneliness as always feedback is welcomed😊

Edge of Loneliness. ( for Power of My Words)

By Keith W. Sikora

At the edge of loneliness

I gaze up at the starless black

Of an empty sky.

Here, time wears no face

And moments

Just stand still.

At the edge of loneliness

I stare at the barren gray

Of an in distinct horizon.

Here, the wind

Whispers in silence

And birdsong magic doesn’t exist.

At the edge of loneliness

I look at the broken remains 

Of the hearts abandoned all around, here.

And I’m flooded with an inescapable longing

For the sunlight warm embrace

Of love.

kws 1/6/2016

By Keith W.Sikora

A loner

Moving from beach to beach

Across oceans

Via wind and wave

His wings carry him

To wherever he desires

Only has himself to please 

Always drifting….

Like the albatross

I’m a loner

In my own way


From face to face

Couch to couch

Never settling down

A drifter….

kws 1978

By Keith W. Sikora

I’m leaving, again

To another city

Another town


Left behind

 Two good friends

Who know me

Better than I know myself

And ax white cat

Who kept me company

So many lonely nights.

Up ahead

New faces to know

Some more intimately than others

New mornings

Yet to wake up to

New days, full of promise and possibility

New moons to wonder upon

And loneliness. 

That’s what scares me most

Being alone, again.

kws/ 1978
Open Road

By Keith W.Sikora


Though moving closer

You seem farther away. 

And this room is so empty

Though filled with you.

While I remain an open road

You travel as you please.

kws/ 1978
So there you have it, this Saturday’s Poems. I hope y’all enjoyed these poetic selections😊  Edge of Loneliness was inspired by a Twitter friend–Power of My Words follow who posts poetic prompts to inspire we poets who follow him. For this poem the prompt was “Edge of Loneliness and Inescapable Longing,” which I managed to build both into this poem. The inspiration for Albatross, Leaving were inspired by a move back in 1978 from my place in Angels Camp, California back down to the San Francisco Bay Area after the owner of the house I was renting sold the house and property causing me to move to where there was a greater opportunity for me to find work and a place to live. Open Road was inspired by the ending of a year long relationship with a girl I’ve mentioned and posted other poems on here that she inspired, though this ending this poem was inspired from the first time we were a couple in 1978.  Until next time my friends and followers, stay tuned and have a blessed weekend. 

Saturday Poems and Their Stories– Poetic Dreams

Hi y’all!😊 it’s really cold here today in my patch of woods here in northeast Mississippi, 23 degrees when I got up this morning. It’s an absolutely gorgeous winter day with lots of sun and a forever blue sky. Today’s Saturday Poem is a poem for a mutual Twitter follower of mine who inspired it. Her name is Nayanika aka Indian Ink. So, grab yourself a mug of coffee or tea and settle in for an adventure of fantasy, cosmic beauty and mystical connections.  For your enjoyment may I present Poetic Dreams.

Poetic Dreams ( for Nayanika aka Indian Ink)

By Keith W.Sikora

Heavenly sparkle


Within the eyes

Of darkest celestial blue

Gypsy spirit

Of wandering words

Trailing comet tails

In a cosmic dance across the night.

Mystic mistress

Of creation

Soul of a Muse

Traveling through constellations

In search

Of unwritten verse

That she will inspire me to pen down.

Images inked

Upon the parchment of skin

Tell stories

Of heartfelt visions within.

Star child

Of angelic allure

Whispers of you

Calling from the wilds

Of infinite sky

Sing to me

In a voice of light

An ageless song of magic

As she comes to me

On a flight of fancy

Soaring on Raven wings

Upon the winds of my poetic dreams.

kws 1/5/2016
The inspiration for this poem came from two sentences on Indian Ink’s profile page. They were,”I am your wandering unwritten verse. Pen me down.” I sort of took this statement as a challenge to do just that…. Pen that unwritten verse down. This poem is my answer to that challenge. Thank you Nayanika for the inspiration.😊 I hope y’all enjoyed the journey within this poem. I enjoyed writing it. Until next time stay tuned. Have a blessed day.✌🏻️ This poem will be included in my fourth poetry collection, Lifelong Road, to be published in the spring of 2016.

Saturday Poems and Their Stories– Hurricane of Your Love

Hi y’all  It’s 12:45am here in my small section of these northeast Mississippi woods and I’m still animated from a long cold day at work and finishing a new poem that I started New Year’s Day. So I decided now’ as good a time as any to post it. This poem no the two new poems in my last post will be n my new and fourth poetry collection to be published sometime in the spring of 2016. It’s called Lifelong Road and will be a chronological poetry collection featuring poetry from my entire 40 year career as a poet, divided into four ten year sections  of varying numbers of poems, most of which will see publication for the first time. There will be a series of photos to accompany the poetry in the book, too. 

So this Saturday Poems poetic offering is Hurricane of Your Love a sensuous romantic poem. So sit back and enjoy!

Hurricane of Your Love (for Lee Ann) 

By Keith W.Sikora

Swept away

By the siren soft song

Within the ocean of your skin

As the feel of you

Washes over me like a tsunami

To dominate 

The shoreline of my body.

While the tidal pull

Of this passion

Creates its own ebb and flow

In rhythm

To the storm force winds

Of our breathing .

Lost within the safe harbor

Of your embrace

As the relentless surge

Of these waves of desire

Roll over me

Feeling the sensual tempest


With the energy of need

As you make landfall

Upon my soul

And I am left lying next to you


And feeling like the return of sunshine

After the rain 

Within the hurricane of your love.

kws 1/1/16
I hope y’all enjoyed reading this poem as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing it. The inspiration for this poem is pretty much self explanatory😊 until next time have a blessed week and I hope to see y’all come back next time. As always comments and feedback is always welcome.

Saturday Poems and Their Stories– Sparkle, Entwined, For A Moment, Upon an Island, And You  

Hi y’all! It’s good to be back here at Saturday Poems poetry blog again after a little hiatus over Christmas break from school. I spent the time publishing my third poetry collection, Phoenix Rising, which is my largest published collection to date. It contains eighty four poems written since I’ve lived here in Mississippi the last five years. I also did the cover illustration and my wife, Lee Ann did the cover design and formatting for publication. She’s awesome at that. I also tarted a part time job on the weekends as well to help with my college tuition and other needs. I also have been busy writing new poetry, two of these new poems will make their public debut in this blog post. The other three poems are from 1979 and 1980, back in my early days as a poet. So grab a comfortable seat, sit back and enjoy this Saturday Poems blog post’s poetry. First up,”Sparkle”.

Sparkle ( for Lee Ann )

By Keith W. Sikora

The starlight sparkle

Within the twilight blue

Of your eyes

Takes my soul

To a place

Where celestial wavelengths

Of shimmering colors

Sweep across the horizon

Of my mind

Like an ocean tide upon the shore.

Washing away

My doubts and fears and all that the darkness

Holds dear

To leave me

Bathed in the sunshine

Of your smile.

kws 12/28/2015
Entwined ( for Lee Ann and Evolve )

By Keith W. Sikora

Electrified by the enchantment

Of your kiss

I light up

With the storm brewed shine

Of lightning magic


Across the thundercloud sky

Within my eyes.


And unchained

This passion


Like wildfire

Over the terrain of my soul

To consume me


And lead me to a Phoenix rebirth

Within your arms.


From the ashes

Of the aftermath

Of this entwined emotional encounter

The spirit of love

Takes flight.

kws 12/39/2015
For A Moment

By Keith W. Sikora

For a moment

We touched

Then in a whirlwind of passing

You were gone.

kws 5/25/1979
Upon An Island

By Keith W. Sikora

Upon an island

We were two

Surrounded by the sea.

Under the sun

We burned a secret fire

And gave it to the night.

A dream planted,

A feeling began to grow.

Windswept by the seasons

Learning, changing

Under the celestial cycles of your moon.

Timeless, I became

In your arms.

kws 5/15/1980
And You

By Keith W. Sikora

So like the ocean

This feeling, tidal

Flowing, wave upon wave

This joy in your arms.

So like the stars

Burning radiant in the night sky

This energy, vibrant

Living luminous within this contact

Of your spirit and mine.

So like the summer sky

Bathed in your smile

This warmth, ever present

Sheltered in your eyes,

I am.

kws 7/29/1980

So that is this Saturday Poems poetic selection for the end of 2015! I hope y’all enjoyed these “sexy meets romantic” poems. Sparkle and Entwined are inspired by the amazing, sexy, talented and beautiful lady that I share my life with, Lee Ann. Special thanks for the poetic spark provided by the poetry of a Twitter follower and friend of mine, Evolve. She’s another special lady. I follow her as well.  

For A Moment was inspired by the end of a wild and sometimes tulmultous love between myself and a girl named Sylvia back at the end of the nineteen seventies. Upon An Island & And You were inspired by memories of the good times and passion from that relationship before it ended. 

Please feel free to leave any comments, thoughts or other observations about these poems or any of the other poems already posted in this blog. Feedback is always welcome. You can contact me through this blog or on Twitter. Also take a peek at the “My Work,” page where you can find purchase information on Phoenix Rising and the second edition of my first published poetry collection, Voices of Light. 

Thank y’all for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Please sign up to follow my Saturday Poems blog and be notified each time I make a blog post so you don’t miss a single verse of my poetry, you’ll be glad you did. Until next time have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve, a blessed week and the best 2016 that you can create for yourself. I know I will.

Saturday Poems and Their Stories–the “Give Me” Poems

Hi y’all ! I hope y’all had a blessed holiday with lots of love and laughter( and great food) with family this past week. I know I did. This Saturday Poems posting is a bit late due new job I started on last Friday working weekends. I have come up with a solutition though to keep my Saturday Poems posted on Saturday. My apologies for the delay. This blog posting contains five “short and sweet” poems known as ” Give Me or Bring me” poems. The explanation about these poems follows the poems themselves. So without further ado and no fanfare, this Saturday’s Poems. First up, “Sunlight Song”


Sunlight Song

By Keith W Sikora

Blue collar sparrow

Attired like Cinderella

Before Fairy Godmother’s magic

Give me

The sunlight

Shining in your song

kws 10/2001


Shadow Cat

By Keith W Sikora

Silent presence of luminous moon eyes

Shaded like the lurking of night

Give me

Your ability

To become the darkness

kws 10/2001


Red Tail Hawk

By Keith W Sikora

Red tail hawk


The ethereal expanse

Of the wind

Give me

The mojo

Of your ancient dream



Unopened Song

By Keith W Sikora

Lonely piano

Stashed in the corner

Like a gift left unopened

Give me

The ethereal magic

Of your song

kws 1/2011



By Keith W Sikora

Weathered reflection

Of the cloudy day eyes

That gaze back in silence

At this much traveled

Tattooed man

Share with me

The honesty

Of your shaman magic…..

And give me the courage

To hear

The words you speak

With my heart

kws 2/2014


These “Give Me ” poems are a poetry excercise to help a poet’s inspiration that came from a poetry writing book I own, “Poemcrazy,” by Susan Wooldbridge, who taught a creative writing class at Chico State University in Northern California. The idea of the excercise is to pick an object or living thing that has a quality you admire or want and then you write a poem with the asking of the object to “give you” that quality.

Both Sunlight Song and Shadow Cat were previously published in my first poetry book, ” Voices of Light ” by Tigermoonpress in 2001. I published  Voices of Light as a second edition this past summer and it’s available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback, as well on Create Space in paperback also. There is a link to buy it on My Works page of this blog. Both poems will be included in my fourth poetry book, “Lifelong Road,” to be published in the spring of 2016.

Red Tail Hawk, Unopened Song and Courage will be in my third poetry book, “Phoenix Rising’, along with a couple more Give Me poems which will be published by mid–December 2015. Once published, there will be a link to purchase a copy on My Works page in this blog. I hope y’all enjoyed these Give Me poems. I enjoyed sharing them with y’all. Come back next Saturday for the next sharing of my Saturday Poems and Their Stories when I’ll be going way back in time to my beginnings as a poet back in the early 1980’s I hope to see y’all then. Have a blessed week.

“Phoenix Rising” Cover Reveal!

Good morning, ya’ll! I have been writing about my upcoming poetry collection, Phoenix Rising, and today I am so excited to show you the new cover – the art is my own “Phoenix Rising” drawing and the cover design is by my wife – and awesome author – L.A. Story. (www.lastorywriter.com)

I hope you like it! I am very happy with the way it turned out. I love original art on poetry book covers. It’s very much like the authentic, traditional chapbooks I remember from my younger years.