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Voices of Light

Sounds of Light Kindle cover

Voices of Light is a poetry collection by award-winning poet Keith W. Sikora. His work often has a sense of magical realism as he finds wonder in everyday life. In Voices of Light, one will see poems about nature and love and it is all told with this unique poet’s distinctive voice.

“In Voices of Light, poet Keith W. Sikora touches on subjects that are grounded in the real world, but there is an effusion of the fantastic, of the idea that we are surrounded by the magical if we would but open our eyes. Voices of Light is like a little slice of springtime.”

— The late Karen R. Porter, Poet

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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Coverxcf


“Phoenix Rising” is a collection of free verse speculative poetry by Keith W. Sikora. Sikora is an award-winning poet whose work has been described as “ethereal,” “emotionally evocative,” and of containing an “effusion of the fantastic” in the real world. Sikora is a modern poet with a flair for the mystical.


“Keith Sikora’s poetry is like a walk in a wondrous new world that exists within our own. It is emotionally evocative and ethereal. If you haven’t read his work, you should.”

— Leigh McQueen, Author, The Fog Bank Trilogy

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Celestial Bodies

The poetry of Keith Sikora combines the basic elements of fantasy with intimacy to evoke emotions, images, and sensations of romantic illusion. His ingredients are earth, air, fire, water, and a generous portion of je ne sais quoi, and the result is left up to the reader, who is advised not to read this work alone.

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Lifelong Road


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