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Keith Sikora is a druid poet and a Pisces who sees magic in everything around him. Keith began writing poetry in 1976, continuing to compile binders of poems since. His first published poem was,”December’s Destiny,” in the anthology, The Garden of Life, in 1994. He had his first paid published poem, “Faerie,” in 1998.

He won an Honorable Mention award for his poem, “Branches and Roots,” in the 1999 Writer’s Digest poetry competition and in the same year won the $500 Editor’s Favorite Award for his poem, “Lord Tiger Of The Snow,” in the Quill Books anthology, “A Time To Be Free.” His poetry has been published in several other anthologies as well. He placed third and Honorable Mention in the Crossroads Poetry Project’s 2013 poetry contest with his poems, “What Remains,” and “Front Porch Moment.” In 2014, Keith took first, second and an Honorable mention with his poems, “Tidepool,” “Nightsong,” and “Between Two,” in the Crossroads Poetry Project’s contest. In 2015, he took third place and Honorable Mention with his poems “Phoenix Rising,” and “Airborne Assault.”

Keith’s first book of poetry, “Voices Of Light,” was published in 2000 by Tiger Moon Press and the first edition is available at – www.tigermoonpress/search/Voices of Light/ The second edition of “Voices of Light,” (River Oaks Press) is now available at Amazon. com as an ebook for Kindle and in paperback, also.The first edition of his second poetry book, “Celestial Bodies,” was published by Sam’s Dot Publishing in 2011. Now available at Alban Lake Publishing..www.http://store.albanlake.com/page/6/= ( second edition of Celestial Bodies to be published by River Oaks Press /  Fall 2015) “Phoenix Rising,”( late fall 2015/ River Oaks Press) will be Keith’s third poetry book. Keith’s fourth book, “Lifelong Road,” will be published in the Spring of 2016(River Oaks Press)

His work has been published in magazines, both in print & online, including Aoife’s Kiss, Beyond Centauri, Bloodbond, Bubbaku, Champagne Shivers, ETOU, Expressions Newsletter, The Fifth Di…, Frostfire Worlds, Hungur, Illumen, Mobius, Red Owl, Scavenger’s Newsletter, Scifaikuest, Shadowland, Sounds Of The Night, Tribal Soul Kitchen, Trysts Of Fate, The Modern Art Cave, and The Moonlit Path. Keith is a member of Imagicopter, a website that helps local genre artists, poets and writers promote their work. He is also a member of the Crossroads Poetry Project, a non-profit group that promotes the reading and writing of poetry for children in local schools. He also teaches poetry workshops for the Crossroads Poetry Project.

When not hunkered down in his creative sanctuary listening to Heavy Metal and Progressive rock and writing poetry, Keith enjoys teaching Free Verse and Speculative poetry workshops, collecting Hot Wheels cars, reading, taking photographs of weather and nature wherever he wanders, talking to wild critters, and hanging out with his mischievous canines, Jojo, Rosalie, Wiener, Rocky,  and Dio Keith lives in his own little universe happily married to his Muse, Lee Ann.


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